NG-TEKNIK waterproof spherical flange bearings
NG flange bearings with 2 or 4
mounting holes:
  • Compact and strong flange housing
    with the cover bolted to the bearing
  • Made of Dupolit, which is of
    extremely stability and impact
  • Resistant to all cleaning products,
    and to most chemicals
  • NG-TEKNIK flange bearing are
    especially suitable for stainless steel
    production equipment in the food
    processing industry, where a high
    degree of hygiene is required.
  • The flange housing is a unique
    product, which is easy to clean with
    rounded corners and smooth surface.
  • The flange housing is made with four
    mounting holes placed identical to
    other flange housing on the market.
Extremely well suited for
production equipment
for the food industry

Oil seals with a
stainless steel spring,
on the shaft passage.

The ball bearing
requires no
spherical lifetime
lubricated closed
ball bearing.

Heat resistant from
-22˚F to 212˚F (-30
˚C to 100˚C)

Especially suitable
in moist and wet
How long would you current
bearing survive in this
saltwater environment?
Contact us before you
begin your next project. We
know most problems occur
when deciding on type of
bearing and dimensions.
Avoid this costly mistake,
talk to us in the design
phase of you project.
Waterproof Spherical Flange Bearings