This compact JEROS tote and
lug washer is specially
developed and designed for
medium size companies,
especially suitable for crates,
totes, lugs and comparable
products. It is manufactured in
stainless steel throughout.
Model 200XL tote and lug  
The pump and heating
elements are protected
against drying out by
means of a low water
level security system.
The machine comprises
of a main wash section
and a separate rinse
section. In the main wash
section: Crates are
washed with recycled
200XL Technical data sheet
200XL product brochure
Model 200 tote and lug
Recycled water is filtered
by an easily removable
filter system. Wash water
is electrically heated and
pumped by a stainless
steel circulation pump to
the jet spray nozzles. In
the rinse section: Crates
are rinsed with fresh hot
water. Rinse water
replaces water in main
wash tank. Surplus water
and surface pollution are
drained by an overflow.
200 Technical data sheet
200 product brochure
Model 200 TD Blower unit
200TD Technical data sheet
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