Bearings for Food Processing Industry

Food Processing is a Demanding Industry

The need for sanitary and durable components make the stainless steel bearings of NG-Tecknik a perfect complement to food processing applications.

NG flange bearing units are designed for the food industry which continuously making heavier demands on the material resistance. In order to reduce the risk of bacteria growth, NG-Teknik design is characterized by a smooth finish and rounded corners.

The IP 66/IP67 protection ensures that the product can be cleaned with water under pressure from all directions. An oil seal with a stainless steel ring ensures that water cannot penetrate the housing.

The bearings are maintenance free and resistant to all cleaning products and most chemicals.


  • The flange housing, with rounded edges is a unique product, which is easy to clean with rounded corners and smooth surface.
  • Stainless steel construction preserves the hygiene requirements of food processing equiptment.
  • NG-Teknik IP67 Bearing units has obtained USDA certificate.
  • Each IP67 Bearing unit has a unique batch ID number for food safety traceability.


  • Oil seals with a stainless steel spring, on the shaft passage.
  • The ball bearing requires no maintenance.
  • Corrotec-treated spherical lifetime lubricated closed ball bearing.
  • Heat resistant from -22˚F to 212˚F (-30˚C to 100˚C)
  • Especially suitable in moist and wet environment
  • Compact and strong flange housing with the cover bolted to the bearing housing.
  • Bearing housing is made of Dupolit, which is of extremely stability and impact strength.Resistant to all cleaning products, and to most chemicals.


  • The flange housing is made with four mounting holes placed identical to other flange housing on the market. NG flange bearings available with either 2 or 4 mounting holes.
  • NG-Teknic stainless steel bearings are made to be durable in even the must punishing food processing environments, reducing maintenence downtime and improving productivity.

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